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About Us

OGE CreativeGroup / OGE Group / OGE Architects specialize in architecture, urban and branding projects with highly creative, inspiring character.

In 3 words: “Creative – Young – Workaholics”.

It is the mixture and the cross interference of different projects and tasks which keep OGE’s work fresh and always pushed to the limits while being responsible within the framework of budgets and time schedules. The studio was founded in 2007 by architects Merav (Salush) Eitan and Gaston Zahr.

​Our Philosophy

All our projects are about emotions. A design or a project that doesn’t trigger emotions or challenges perception is hardly noteworthy nor successful. The relation customers and/or visitors to our projects are essential for their success: they should be lovable, surprising, challenging, intriguing, social, inspiring, amazing, colorful, remarkable, distinguishable … and outstanding from the rest. This way they become popular, successful and sometimes brands.

Evoking emotions is not only about style but also about design, it’s neither superficial nor shallow. While the appearance of our art projects need to give an ultimate show, our architecture and design projects are tested on a daily base. Only carefully and functional designed projects are able to continue to stimulate positively and to maintain the feeling of excitement.

Ultimately this is also true for clients. Only projects that remained in the budgets, keep their functionality and appearance are likely to be continuously appreciated and economically successful.

That’s what we work for.

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