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Cultural and Memorial Center

Yad Lebanim

The proposal for the new Yad Lebanim Building in Ramat Yishay near Haifa – as our proposal for the Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial - is dealing with commemoration and preserving the memory for the fallen and perished. Our proposal differs very much from the usual language and way of commemorating by aiming to create a respectful outlook and a sense of hope besides the feelings of pain and devastation. By not reducing the the people to the story of their tragic ends, but rather by celebrating their identity, ideals, their aims in life, their hopes and dreams – these two proposals are not only a memorial in the traditional sense, but a manifestation and celebration of the individuals and life. Yad Lebanim - a place for the bereaved families and the public, instilling heritage and keeping the memory of the lost alive. Our proposal includes a memorial area, a library, seminar rooms and a open, paved piazza as spaces for gathering and cultural activities for community; so that the memory will be a vital and integral part in the daily life of the people of Ramat Yishai.

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