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World Expo Pavilion


Our proposal for the Israeli Pavilion for the Expo 2015 at Milan with it's theme: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". As the intentions of it's Master-planners Stefano Boeri and Herzog DeMeuron, this expo is the first expo to deal with food production, culture and development in times of the international economical crises and with a world population reaching over 7 Billion people. The intention of the pavilion is therefore to built a sustainable structure with ecological and green principles and materials, aiming for LEED platinum certification. The pavilion resembles very known images of the first settlers, the agricultural developments, the white city or the cottages in Israels green valleys combined with state of the art technology such as desalination programs, fruit cultivation, drop irrigation systems and many more. We aimed to create a striking, yet very modest showcase of Israel's symbioses of culture, society and technological development together...

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