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MH17 Memorial Park

Living Memory – Frozen pictures of happy times

Living Memory – frozen pictures of happy times – focuses on the victim’s character, life, dreams and ideals rather than on their sudden and tragic end. In their memory 298 extremely detailed 3D printed sculptures – created by CG-artists from their social media photos and with the help of the families and friends – will be placed in the Memorial Park, each and every one of them a masterpiece.

All 298 sculptures are so different and tell their detailed story – as the people have been; whose life has been cut short so dramatically. These sculptures are not only time-frozen imprints of their identity and character, and thus help the families to refresh their memories more than just by photos and videos; but they also make the loss tangible for others by letting us connect, to find similarities to empathize and to see the people behind the names and dates and numbers.

Ultimately these sculptures are a living memory and a powerful reminder of the human condition, the profound value and fragility of life!

When it comes to death, We are aware of our bodies and our usually abstract approach comes down to earth and our bodies. The sudden and tragic death of the 298 loved ones tore open wounds in so many families that can hardly be bridged. While with times we come to terms and can accept the death, our one big wish remains: to meet one more time and to tell how much we love them.

Today’s technology is no alien but can be used for helping grieving and to keep the memory alive. No recreating life, but rather a tool for preserving appearances and human characteristics that makes us unique. While sculptures and death masks have always been created in history, today’s technology allows the wide use of preserving peoples visual characteristics for everybody. With the support and assistance of the families and friends, CG artists will create hyper detailed 3D models of the victims that will be then 3D printed and placed in the Memorial Park. A sculpture shows more than a photo.

The Island:
The island uses the maximum available space: No shaping, no curbing. The triangular shape is parceled by a cell-like pathway system that has no beginning and no end – inviting entrance from all sides and creating zones for the individual stories and sculptures. Visitors can follow the paths wherever they lead, exploring different pictures and spatial conditions, engage in physical and mental interaction, and to contemplate life.

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