Message in a bottle

light art for enchanting adventures

Message in a bottle

We love children’s games: old fashion, romantic or nostalgic, like the game of bottling a message in a bottle and sending it across rivers and oceans, hoping it can be found by someone and put back up to us. A different way way to find a stranger becoming a special friend! – the opposite of today, where hyper-connection and fast internet keep us superficially busy and more in acquaintances than real friendships.


Our installation is such a game: an oversized bottle with very detailed Marquette ship that sweeps into a water bank, in its own microcosm.

It represents a journey, the actual process of making friends from one place to another and offers a magical light show, full of surprise and curiosity. The ship is a super detailed, it moves through waves with countless LED lights, weather and cannon simulation that shoot smoke, messages projected from the ship on the bottle itself and much much more – merged with an adventurous soundtrack – the true spirit of voyage and exploration to new horizons.

May it have great journey, land on new shores and find many new friends.

This project has been commissioned and designed for Circle of Light Festival, Moscow, Russia.


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