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Haifa Flower Show

9 Amazing Worlds of Floral Beauty

OGE has been selected to be the creative directors, architects & lead designers of the Haifa International Flower Show 2012 on the shore lines of Haifa from April 7th-14th with a unique combination of intriguing outdoor and indoor exhibitions.

​The green park with its lawns stretching over a strong bumpy topography features outdoor installations like a giant geoglyph where children can become butterflies amongst a huge flower carpet, a water stream with ducks and birds surrounding its step shores or a homage to Mediterranean Bustan garden culture – just to name a few.

Beside this inviting park 9 white exhibition domes are created to host different thematic worlds of flowers. Each and every one of them is focusing on different flowers offering a unique multi sensual experience attracting all your senses. The flowers are not only decoration; they are creating landscapes and full environments which are always treated with a sense of curiosity, magic and humor.

See the 9 fantastic worlds

OGE has been responsible for the concept, layout, design, detailed design and partly also the project management.

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