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embracing - poetic - giant

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed our world and industry. As artists and art directors we have been looking for answers to this crisis. 

Difficult times require big symbols of hope, togetherness and resilience.
Our latest installation is such a giant symbol - supersized, colourful illuminated hands are interlocked, holding each other and forming the shape of a giant heart. ​

The current pandemic and many other crises make it abundantly clear: we can shape our future only together: with love and empathy, supporting each other, uniting in all our varieties. That’s the message of this artwork. 

The artwork works as a instagrammable symbol to say thank you to healthcare workers, emergency responders, colleagues, neighbours, family, friends and simply everyone who helps and supports others.

Everyone is invited to leave their messages and dedications at our microsite which can be then explored through an integrated AR experience developed by our friends at hoverlay.

Dimensions of Together!: 13.2m x 4.1m x 10m (L x W x H )

Announcing World Tour: After its successful inauguration in Scottsdale, Arizona, this artwork is now ready to travel the world and can be booked now. Engage, encourage, excite, show love and support and give back to the community. For taking part, please contact us.

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