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Humani Luminae

colorful - poetic - heavenly

Following the worldwide huge success of our Angels of Freedom, we introduce our new light art installation in our series of social sculptures, that animate the audience to have a moment of bliss,
reveal our inner beauty and share it with the world.

Celebrate your life!

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Associated with our souls, we view butterflies as colorful symbols of joyfulness,emotions, celebration, spring, journeys, endurance, change, hope, rebirth and the circle of life.

Our social light art installation gives the audience the opportunity to pose as such colorful butterflies of night, painted in light and to be photographed as such.

These images and videos then are shared through social media. Like real butterflies, the images fly from phone to phone, creating a moment of joy, bliss annd amazement and will ultimately attract new visitors to come and join our celebration of life.

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