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Spectral Lights at Haifa Port

The Palmer Gate, which served during the Mandate period as the entrance gate to the State of Israel and the city of Haifa in particular, is the proud location for this spectacular display of light art, painting the avenue of palm trees as a rainbow street.

The performance, called Spectral, is the result of joint efforts by the artists of the KASJO studio from Poland -Joachim Slugocki and Katarzyna Malejka - and OGE Group.

Spectral consists of 10 kilometers of UV wires surrounding the palm trees and creating "zig-zag" along the boulevard. UV LED lights illuminate the wires, making them glow in different colors and thus creating a colorful gradient rainbow: the colors are intertwined by a gradual transition between each color blurring the boundaries. The site-specific work speaks the language of abstraction explores Downtown by adding a painter's narration to its elements: immersive and which despite its closeness to our material world remains so elusive.

The colors chosen for the work and the connection between them symbolise the ability to create and act out of a sense of togetherness and respect for each and every one; and the ability to build a common thing that contains them all.

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