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House of Cards

everchanging - unique - inspiring

Our House of Cards is a beautiful light art installation that is slick and joyful daytime and turns into a fulminant lightshow at nighttime!

Will it blow away or continue to rise up towards the heavens? The fate of the house of cards wobbles between the two. Up or down – it’s far from decided. For now, House of Cards remains standing, shining in the night, reaching for the stars. It consists of 128 light boxes in the form of playing cards, which in turn (or all at once) appear according to a preconfigured choreography. The ingenious structure has several levels; it looks like a modern church from one side and from the other like a classical structure of building blocks.

Creating a House of Cards is not about fragility, disaster or crumbling – it is about the motivation of every child: to dare, take courage, to create and challenge one’s skills, risking and aiming to build as high as possible. It requires not only determination, caution, calm and skill but also belief and trust, keeping the big vision in mind.

The House of Cards works on several layers and will be literally built up like a city or a large building, layer by layer, until taking the form of a house. The card house also refers to a less tangible but equally important structure in society – a structure that is built by people and their relationships. We may desire to put our own interests first, but at the end of the day, we should expect (or rather, hope) that we all pursue a common goal: the creation of a safe, enjoyable and creative environment. It’s a subtle and fragile network. If someone pulls a card from the deck, it’s up to the rest of the structure to absorb the blow and remain upright.

Every card of House of Cards has a different design, designed by internationally acclaimed street and visual artists from all over the world – creating one big joint art exhibition, carefully curated and crafted.

Enjoy the House of Cards building up and discover all the different fantastic artists – all combined in one House of Light!

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