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Jellies of the Sky

mesmerizing - colorful - gentle

Our world is changing! Climate change is real! Temperatures are rising and while our oceans absorb the vast amount of that heat - oceans are one of the first places impacted by the change.

Interestingly, Jellies are benefiting from that change, as they thrive in warmer water with less oxygen. At a time of mass extinctions of so many species - Jellies populations - just like humans - are continuing to grow, expand and thrive.

It is a strange and ambivalent fact. A joy with a bittersweet note. Just like us, and because of us, they advance to new horizons.

By placing a swarm of colorful and animated Jellies into the sky we want to put a mirror and shine a light on these changes - the disentanglement from nature, the crave for new technological bodies and the ever pushing for new habitats.

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