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Solar Powered Nightgarden

enchanted - beautiful - ecological

Enchanting Nightgarden entirely powered by solar energy
You are invited to enter the enchanting Night Garden and to take a stroll among its flowers, immersing yourself in a sensual delight of magical light, bright sounds and fragrant aromas…Powered entirely by solar energy, the flowers are charged by sunlight during the day; and illuminated through energy-saving LED lights, at night. This magical Garden offers a variety of flowers of different sizes and types of illumination, which come alive only at night: Giant Lotus Flowers, over four meters in diameter, intermittently opening and closing, and changing colors at a subtle pace; while delicate tulips, illuminated by one color of varying intensities; and masses of gently glowing dewdrop flowers, create an poetic ambience of tranquility, sensual beauty and pure serenity. In a nutshell: Less Vegas more poetic tranquility.

The flowers are made from steel wires with metal mesh covering as well as laser-cut panels and Hebron glass spheres – which are very famous in Jerusalem and the middle east – utilizing Power LEDs of 1W to 3W at a 24V system. Four solar panels (80×160 cm) installed on site producing 720W electricity per hour. This solar energy is then stored in batteries and used to light up the garden at night, which power consumption for illumination and the engines for mechanical opening mechanism is less than 1300W/h at night. Our aim for this installation was to demonstrate that by using alternative energy and technology, not only are we safeguarding our environment, but, we are also creating a poetic, magical experience.

The garden offers a different pace and a space for rest, to lay down on the grass, watch the flowers come alive not only through the light and mechanical opening of the flowers, but also through the gentle music of the Hang – composed by Ravid Hang (GB) and Andy Isler (CH), who have contributed their amazing work toward completing this multi-sensual experience.

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