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Symphony of Light

enchanting - mesmerizing - epic

In the stillness of twilight's embrace,
Where serenity and beauty interlace,
Upon tranquil waters, a spectacle unfurls,
A dance of enchantment, where magic twirls.

Floating upon the mirrored expanse,
A symphony of light begins its dance,
Bathed in the moon's gentle caress,
Luminous petals, a celestial dress.

Illuminated flowers, delicate and fair,
Their radiance transcends the earthly affair,
With each gentle ripple, they come alive,
A symphony of colors, as dreams arrive.

Each bloom, a beacon of ethereal glow,
Their soft luminescence, a heavenly show,
Like celestial fireflies, they gracefully sway,
A choreography of light, in perfect display.

Their petals, vibrant hues of gold and blue,
Reflecting the stars, a heavenly hue,
And as they float, a melody takes flight,
A harmonious serenade, pure and bright.

The water whispers secrets, as it softly flows,
A liquid canvas where their beauty grows,
Each movement, a brushstroke, a work of art,
Painting the night with a celestial heart.

As night deepens its embrace with the land,
These illuminated flowers, a gift so grand,
They weave a tapestry of dreams untold,
In this symphony of light, a story unfolds.

So let us marvel at this magical sight,
Embrace the wonder, let our spirits take flight,
For in these floating blossoms, we find solace,
A symphony of light, a moment of grace.

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